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Turkey Vulture Spreading Wings

Rescue Information

Turkey Vulture

How to tell if a bird needs to be rescued.

Sometimes deciding whether or not a wild bird needs help can be a little tricky. The following tips should help determine the best course of action for most situations. But if you need more advice, please call the Medina Raptor Center at (330) 591-7300. We may not be able to answer the phone immediately but we will return your call as soon as possible. Please provide your name, number and the best time to return your call. If it is truly a bird emergency, please DO NOT reach out via email. We do not see those messages as quickly as we do those left on our answering machine.


If you find an injured bird after typical business hours, the best immediate action is to place it in a cardboard box with air holes in the top and then place it in a quiet, dark location. Do not try to force feed or give it water! Then contact us the following day and we’ll determine the best next steps.

Remember: Wild animals raise their babies very differently than humans. It takes patience to find out if a baby is really abandoned. For your safety and the bird’s, please contact the Medina Raptor Center at 330-591-7300 before attempting to handle or transport any wild bird.


Watch from a distance or from inside a house, preferably with binoculars, to see if a bird needs help. If you can describe an injury or behavior, it will help us evaluate the bird’s situation and provide further assistance or advice. If you can safely take a picture of the bird and text us at 330-591-7300, that will also help.


Caution: Do not handle any wild bird without gloves! They don’t know you’re trying to help and may react aggressively. We can advise you on how to handle an injured bird if necessary. Never give food or water to an injured animal. An inappropriate diet or internal injuries can actually make feedings fatal.

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