Winter Newsletter 2022

Winter Newsletter 2022

News From the Mews
It should go without saying that our best day at MRC is any bird-release day. Sometimes a bird’s recovery is quick and easy and sometimes it takes months or even years to completely recover from injuries. All releases are wonderful, but those that take the longest and the most work are truly special. Click the link to read on.

Human Imprinting: Good Intentions Can Have Bad Outcomes
One of the most heartbreaking reasons birds brought to MRC is occasionally deemed non-releasable is human imprinting. Some human-imprinted birds are perfectly sound in every other way. Others suffer health problems from being improperly raised before coming to the center.

Our Educational Ambassador
Meet and learn more about Maverick (Peregrine Edition)

2023 Bird Sponsorships
From the influx of baby songbirds in the Spring to the growing number of hawks, owls and eagles throughout the year, we are always busy at the Medina Raptor Center. Your support and donations help sustain not only our center but our spirits!

Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie Mahland

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