migisi's minionsOur volunteers are special people that are the backbone of our organization. They donate their free time, come out in all kinds of weather, and do whatever jobs need doing to ensure that our birds are well cared for. There are many tasks at the center that don’t require the specialized skills of treating and rehabilitation of the birds directly. As with any other organization, there are always many things that need to be done or could be done to make the work of all easier, more efficient, or more effective.

Ranging in age from 18 through senior citizen, our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds including education, technical, medical, military and business. Their skills and experience help ensure that all of the Center’s operations run efficiently.

Volunteer duties depend on the volunteer’s level of experience and skill sets.
Duties involving care of our birds include:

  • Assisting with medical treatments
  • Cleaning bird enclosures
  • Food preparation
  • Directly feeding birds of prey
  • Cleaning and feeding rodents
  • Transportation of birds to the veterinarian
  • Rescue of injured birds

Additional volunteer opportunities involve:

  • Writing articles for our newsletters
  • Mailing newsletters
  • Web site maintenance
  • Development of software tools to streamline record-keeping

Volunteers who are able to give a long-termVolunteer-program commitment to the Medina Raptor Center may be involved in educational presentations and exercising our educational birds.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at Center please email us at: volunteercoordinator@medinaraptorcenter.org