Released Bald Eagle Spotted!

Sometimes when we release a bird back into the wild, they have been banded and we hope for the best.  When they’re released, we feel that they are 100% rehabilitated and can succeed in the wild, but we just don’t know, and so if a banded bird is sighted, it is of great importance to us.  In the case of this juvenile Bald Eagle, we not only know that he’s doing well, but we receive occasional updates from Facebook about it!

This juvenile Bald Eagle came to us in the summer of 2015 after his nest fell and he fell into the waters.  Thanks to the efforts of nearby rescuers, they were able to get him out of the water and bring him into us to allow him to recuperate.

Once we felt that he was on his way to a recovery, MRC worked with the American Eagle Foundation in Tennessee and they offered to complete his rehab by allowing him to live with the eagles they have at their facility and he was released by hacking tower in August, tagged with the patagial tag “N5”.

Since then, we have received sightings of him heading north, and we have just received recent reports of him hanging around in Southeast Ohio.  This is a wonderful success story of rehabilitation and shows the importance of why we band birds before releasing them!