Happy Birthday Matilda!

It’s Matilda’s BIRTHDAY!! Our oldest educational ambassador is officially 21 years young! In 1998 a group was taking down trees when one tree started making hissing sounds. They called Laura thinking it was a snake. When she got there she found this teeny tiny white fluff ball of anger. Turkey Vultures are incredibly smart and unfortunately Matilda quickly learned that people were the source of her food. After a failed release attempt where she tried to eat a neighbor’s hotdog at their family picnic, Matilda returned to the Raptor Center to become a permanent fixture. Every March she attends the annual Hinkley Buzzard day celebrating the return of the Vultures to northeast Ohio and the unofficial start of spring. Her favorite food is fresh venison and she hates anything with eyeballs. Her ideal day would be spent in the sun with her wings spread wide. Turkey Vultures can live well over 30 years in captivity so help us wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with MANY MORE!!!!