Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)










Nest Type:

Large nest of sticks. Lined with finer woody materials. Reused over many years. Placed in large tree, often the largest in the area. Rarely nests on ground or cliff.

Egg Description:

Dull white, usually without markings

Clutch Size:

Usually 2 eggs. Range: 1-3

Condition at Hatching:

Capable of limited motion. Covered with light gray down and with eyes open.

Conservation Status

Preservation efforts brought populations in the lower 48 states back from near exinction in the mid-20th century. Although the Bald Eagle was proposed for removal from the Endangered species List in 1999, populations in the lower 48 states remain relatively low. Humans are the most important source of mortality.


Call high-pitched whistling or piping