In 2014 Blue entered our rehab center. He was found on the ground running around
unable to fly. Blue was a young bird not quite full grown. His injury was
high in the wing but healed in a way that has made it so he cannot fly. Blue was brought onto our permit as a foster for youngsters.
Blue has served as a foster parent to many blue bird nestlings that have been orphaned. He has taught them to eat on their own. We have released over 50 healthy bluebird babies because of him.
Bluebirds are gregarious all year round. They live in small to medium flocks. In the winter they hang out together and eat suet and what bugs are left along with some berries. They produce 5 or 6 eggs each year. The young leave the nest about 14 to
18 days after hatching.
Bluebirds are distinguished by the male’s beautiful bright blue color. The female is a
softer color.