Medina Raptor Center Rescue Tips

Sometimes deciding whether a wild animal needs help can be tricky. Use our tips to decide the best course of action or call us at (330) 591-7300 if you need more advice. We may not answer the phone if our hands are full but we’ll return your call as quickly as possible! Please don’t email us about a bird that needs help – we won’t get the message as quickly.

  • If you find a bird that may need help START HERE.
  • Get State & Federal Guidelines about rescuing wildlife. Here you will find the type of birds the Center can help as well as where to get help for the others. The Center cannot accept any mammals.
  • Go to our contact information page to find a licensed rehabilitator in northeastern Ohio.
  • Visit the ODNR website for a statewide contact list of licensed rehabilitators.

How to Tell if a Bird Needs Help:
Remember: Wild animals raise their babies very differently than humans. It takes patience to find out if a baby is really abandoned. For your safety and the bird’s please contact the Center at (330) 591-7300  before attempting to handle or transport any wild bird.

Watch from a distance or from inside a house, preferably with binoculars, to see if a bird needs help. If you can describe an injury or behavior it will help us evaluate the bird’s situation and provide further assistance or advice. If you can safely take a picture of the bird and text it to us it will help as well. A variety of common situations involving injured birds as well as ones in which rescue isn’t needed are shown here. These will help you determine if a bird needs help or if it should be left alone.

Caution: Do not handle any wild bird without gloves. They don’t know you’re just trying to help. We can advise you on handling an injured bird if necessary. Never give food or water to an injured animal. An inappropriate diet or internal injuries can make feedings fatal. Additional information for handling and transporting injured birds can be found here.