Please Save Our Homes

This little nugget got to spend a night with us this past weekend. He was found by some 4-wheelers a little too directly in their path and brought to the center to get checked out. He was uninjured but too young to be out of the nest and or get any lift with his new feathers. We asked the rescuers if they could locate the nest he came from and let us know. They called back and said part of the nest was destroyed but they came with a plan. They placed a tree stand in the tree directly under his original nest and placed him in the stand. You can see him sitting in the stand in the picture above. The rescuers were able to see at least one of the parents come in and check him out before nightfall! We had him banded before leaving so we can identify him if he happens to come back in.

Birds are incredible parents and will often take care of their babies even when they fall out of the nest. This is why we recommend re-nesting whenever possible! Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity but we like to think the parents appreciate it. This youngster is now safe off the ground and almost ready to start learning to fly for real this time.

Please go to our Rescue Information Page for advise on rescuing wild birds needing help.